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care “ethos”

Noun – “the moral ideas and attitudes that belong to a particular group or society”.

Ethos Care exists due to our belief that care at home could be done better.

Taking our experience from the residential care setting we set about to create a care company that shared the ethos of a residential care home Рits close support and reactive nature, and set about formulating a business model that not only reflects this but also supported the staff as much as possible. 

For our clients this translates as our management team handling much more than just your care visits;

We also can act as the first point of contact for all our clients health needs, managing district nurse visits, appointments and much more, all of which is included in our service no matter what size of package you have or your funding source.

Our small catchment focus also allows for the potential for intervention from the office staff should an emergency situation arise.

Furthermore our links to a care home in Christchurch allow for rises in level of need to be handled quickly and effectively at short notice.

We started with one staff member and the director Tracy Kennedy and gradually built our service based on these founding principals.

How do we manage our staff welfare?

Firstly we feel our staff should have good and fair rates of pay, firm contracts and good staff rest areas.

As a consequence of this, in the last six month period we have had a nearly 100% retention rate* of our staff, in a sector where staff turnover is huge, this is exceptional.

We also ensure that our staff are fully contracted (not zero hours) to ensure their well being and motivation for what can be a demanding job.

We also only operate in selected areas to ensure our care staff are not over stressed by driving long distances and therefore are ready to care well when they arrive.

Our staff welfare has an enormous impact on the quality of care provision, with our carers having excellent client knowledge and being strongly motivated to care.

Furthermore we factor in (as much as is possible) management and additional carer time to support staff on the road if required, for example if there is an emergency and family are unable to assist.

The central location of our offices in Lymington Road, Highcliffe, , Christchurch allow such a rapid response at certain times.

This responsiveness, client knowledge, staff retention and flexibility all gel together to provide the highest level of service for our clients and their families.

Call the office to see how we can support you, 01202 835 868.

Our Services

Care at Home

Ethos Care Services have a dedicated team of carers trained to proved personal care within your own home. This can range from simple help to get dressed in the morning, through to assisting families to keep clients copmfortable during their latter stage of life.

In addition to any care needs ethos carers can help with shopping, outings to the post office or shops as well as light domestic issues.

Adults Under 65

We also support young adults in their own home with care packages designed around your personal wishes . Our fully trained staff can provide everything from full personal care to assisting you lead a full and independent life as possible, from attending swimming sessions to your weekly shop.

Residential Respite Care

Should you or a relatives needs change or increase to a point where care at home is either not appropriate or economically viable our affiliated care home Avon Lee Lodge in Christchurch can easliy take over.

Ethos clients have the distinct advantage of this facility as the transfer of client information is seamless. This has been particularly beneficial to our clients seeking emergency residential placement.


Day Care

Enhancing your care experience you can utilise the spa bathing facilities, have a meal and enjoy a glass of wine with new friends, or take in your favourite film with our surround sound high definition cinema system.

Use day care weekly to provide an additional aspect to your life in later years, pick an inspiring activity or just come and relax in our manicured gardens.

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Ethos Care Services Ltd. Unit 1, 420a Lymington Rd, Highcliffe, Christchurch. BH23 5HE.